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I am a New Yorker, and for me New York has always been a city of immigrants and
expatriates, of migrants and pilgrims – a place to lose your past and find your dreams.
The life we leave behind and every future it might have offered, is the price we pay for
becoming New Yorkers, for the opportunity to follow one’s dreams. It is easy to see it’s
extremes – the shining successes and the acute failures. What I am interested in is the
quotidian – the buildings, people and memories that can fall through the cracks without a
conscious awareness of their existence.
I can’t help but notice an entire generation of New Yorkers seemingly lost on their
own streets.The New York that they left their past lives to find is being increasingly
eroding, their stories decomposing with it. I want to tell their stories, creating in
miniature a narrative of the places they left to search for their city dreams, and of the
price they paid, of the loneliness and alienation that can frequently be experienced in the
multi-varied, glittering kaleidoscope of life that New York consists of.